Be a Job

How many times do we wonder why?  Why are we going through this or that?  Why is God allowing this to happen?  We don’t see the bigger picture of things.  When going through our trials or even just our every day yuck we need to realize there is a bigger picture.  There is a reason for everything.  There are several reasons that you may be where you are.

Maybe it’s not God.  Maybe it’s the fact that He has done everything He can an you just keep acting like one of the Pharisee’s that thinks they know better than He does so He’s letting you do you.

Maybe it’s because the enemy is just fighting hard for you so your world just feels like it’s falling apart.

Maybe it is God and He’s trying to test your character like He did Joseph’s.  He’s testing your devotion to Him.  Seriously, would you want someone serving or working for you or a spouse or boy/girlfriend who wasn’t all in?  How could you if you know they are just going to bail when times get rough?

‘Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph’s character.’ Psalms 105:19 

Maybe it is God and He is strengthening you for something even bigger than you could imagine.

‘And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. ‘ Romans 5:4 


God wants us strong for the battle to come.  He wants you to trust Him and have faith in Him.  He doesn’t want a bunch of people like the Israelite’s that grumble in their tents and refuse to obey the Lord because the world isn’t what they want it to me.  No, He wants Job’s who even though everything is falling apart and friends or family are trying to tell you to give up you aren’t.  He wants you to stand firm in your faith in Him and His promise of what is to come.

Lord,  Help me to be a Job not a disgruntled Israelite from the 40 years of wilderness.  May I understand even in the dark times that you are here with me holding me up. You made a promise and that promise will be fulfilled.  Give me strength to walk through every day knowing that you are by my side.  You are my everything and I love you for eternity.  AMEN







Set Your Mind

“I’ve got my mind set on you.” by James Ray keeps running through my head this morning and actually many mornings.  I haven’t heard the song in forever so it could befuddle me on why it is running through it.  I think, though, it is a reminder from the Lord.  His mind is set on me and my mind needs to be set on Him all through the day.

We all should have our minds set on Him at all times.  Matthew 22:37 and Mark 12:30 both state that we are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and MIND.

What do we do when we love someone?  We think about them all the time they are our world.  This is how God wants to be in our lives.  He wants us to be continuously thinking about Him NOT the world.  We are to be thinking about Him and not what this person did or what that person does.  We are not to think about what sins we can or can’t get away with.

Which brings me to my next thought of the morning.  Instead of just keeping our minds on God we are judging others.  Psalm 98:9 says “‘before the Lord , for he is coming to judge the earth. He will judge the world with justice, and the nations with fairness.’ ”  What really is justice and fairness?  We as humans see both of these in different lights, but God is the ultimate judge.  He is the one who knows true justice and true fairness.  He is the only one who should judge any of us.

Romans 7:14  ‘So the trouble is not with the law, for it is spiritual and good. The trouble is with me, for I am all too human, a slave to sin. ‘ 

We are the issue.  We are human and we are slaves to sin.  This is why we can’t judge fairly.  God is the ultimate judge and if we keep our minds set on Him we will be less likely to sin and more likely to give grace to others around us just as He gives us grace every day.

Lord,  Please help us walk through your love and keep our minds set on you and only you today.  May we give all that we do today to you and may we love and show grace as you do.  We praise you and thank you for giving us another day to walk in your light.  AMEN

Death then Life

‘When he died, he died once to break the power of sin. But now that he lives, he lives for the glory of God. ‘ Romans 6:10 

Romans 5:12-20 shows the contrasts between Adam and Jesus.  Adam was one man directly from God and he sinned therefore bringing sin upon the rest of us.  Jesus was one man directly from God who never sinned, died then lived, killing sin for all who would have faith in Him.  In Romans 6 it goes on to tell of how he broke that sin.  He brought regeneration upon those who would follow Him.

Think about a starfish.  A starfish is an invertebrate with disc like center and five or more arms.  One of the amazing things about a starfish is that if it looses one of those arms it can grow it back.  It can heal itself.  Just as we can heal our selves spiritually by accepting Jesus as our savior and knowing that he died to break the chains of sin and then came back to live to regenerate our souls.  Our souls were lost to us but He can give them back.

As harsh as God seems through out the bible He really does love man kind.  He, as any parent does, only wanted what was best for His children.  Does that mean He had to punish them?  Yes.  Did He have to turn away from them?  Yes for a bit.

All things we as parents hate to do BUT once that child has learned and has repented and truly changed their ways God turned back to them.  He gave them the greatest gift that could ever be given.  A new chance.  A fresh start.  Our old selves dead and to be reborn.  He gave us this the same way we lost ourselves to sin.  Through One man straight from Him.  Jesus.

So if you don’t know Jesus I ask you to please learn about him.  Learn about this man who lived on this earth for 33 years without sinning, went above and beyond to help all of our poor souls while he was alive and saving us by putting to death out sins, then rising again like a phoenix out of the ashes to make us new again.  He will love you and care for you like no other ever could.

Lord,  I pray that all that are out there learn of his amazing love and all that he has done for us so that we can live a free life.  Free of the chains that bind us to this world.  Free of the lies the enemy tries to drown us in.  You bring healing to our souls and our lives and for this we praise you with everything in us.  Amen


So today I am feeling very blah, very depressed and very very unsure of my future. I am annoyed and over peoples narcissistic behavior, their rushing me to get something done just so I am ignored and waiting for two weeks or more to get back to me on what they rushed me to do. I am depressed because I hate moving but will have to because I allowed my health to get out of control and fight to get upstairs to my apartment and I have neighbors who one little creak from a falling down around us floor and they are complaining that I am obnoxiously loud and now there are other things coming in the next several months that have me questioning if I should move into another place here in Bakersfield or if I should just leave this town and this state behind me. All VERY depressing things to think about.
Well as you can tell I did not sit down and have my time at Daddy Gods feet today. So I took my lunch and planted myself right in front of Him. And this is what He told me that helps me and could help someone else.
First of all He is our strength and our power. Psalm 75:3 states “When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm”. We (I) need to remember no matter what we are going through God’s foundation is under us and as long as we are holding strong to it and allowing Him in our lives more than just flippantly it will stay firm. And if it is staying firm than we are firm and nothing can knock us down.
Second of all just as God was able in Acts 11 to allow Peter to walk out of a prison where he was chained and guarded by two guards at his side and fourteen other guards surrounding them and the gates to the prison, God can and he will get us through anything we face.
So how will we live our lives every day? Will we be the lukewarm Christian that the Lord is going to spit out according to Revelation 3:16? Or will we be like Peter realizing that we screwed up by denying the Lord before and rededicating and giving our all to the Lord so that even through the storms and through the persecution we can just walk through and away from the chains and the prison the enemy has tried to keep us in.
Lord, I am asking you to help me remember you are my strength. You are my breath and my everything. Nobody can come against me. Though my life is uncertain and those around me betray me I still have you and all that you have promised me. Help me to see this more. Help me to stop feeling depressed and sorry for myself and start seeing all that you have to offer for my future. Speak to me and show me every minute the beauty of the steps that I must take. Even the beauty of the dark steps because those are the ones that strengthen me. Keep me safe in your arms and let me love you until the end of time. AMEN


We are all tempted by something every day.  For many of us if we really take a long look will realize that we are tempted by our emotions.  Our emotions run our life by tempting us to do things our of want rather than need or what is right.

The emotion of love leads us to doing things that we shouldn’t.  We drink to much because that’s what they do.  We have sex out of wedlock because that’s what they want.  For our children we overspend and hurt ourselves so we don’t hurt them because we love them.  We do so many things that God wouldn’t want us to just because we want them to love us as we “love” them.

The emotion of anger leads us to be hateful rather than love like Jesus does.  We lash out.  We gossip.  We degrade.  So many hateful things when we are angry.

The emotion of sadness makes us pull in rather than reaching out to those God put in our lives.  Or it makes us reach out to the wrong people just so that we can try an not feel sad anymore.  Sometimes it even takes a life breaking the commandment of thou shalt not kill.

Emotions can be good to though.  Jesus loved.  He said one of the greatest commandments was to love thy neighbor (Mark 12:31)  Jesus was angry.  He turned over tables in the tabernacle in anger(Mark 11:15).  Jesus was sad.  He wept and asked God to take away what he was about to do (Mark 14:36)

We need to be careful how we use them and not fall into the temptation of them running our lives.  We must learn to pray about what to walk away from that triggers us to feel the ugly parts of the emotion.  We also must learn to pray for those who have wronged us rather than against them.

Most of all we must leave it all to God and remind ourselves that He is in control NOT our emotions.


Lord, help us to learn the good and the bad of our emotions.  Help us to learn what triggers the ugly and to stay away from it.  May we constantly stand in your light and your love so as to not be tempted by the darkness.  Amen.


God is the God of Impossible.  He is Omniscent, all-knowing.  He is Omnipresent, all-present.  He is Omnipotent, all-powerful.  So why do we question what He is doing in our lives?  Why do we not have faith that He can and He will take care of everything?

We are human.  We question everything.  The disciples even after seeing him feed five thousand questioned whether he could feed four thousand.  They questioned whether they would have enough just to feed themselves.  Jesus asked them “Don’t you understand yet?”  (Mark 8:23)

He is asking you that same question.  Don’t you understand yet?  He is the God of the impossible, all-knowing, all- present and all powerful.  Don’t you think He can take care of that one thing you are stressing on?

We see Him do so much in our lives and in the lives of those around us and yet we still question Him.  We still let our faith falter and become small when it should be larger than life.

Understand.  Where you say “I can’t”  He says “I can!”  Where you say “There is no way.” He says “Get out of my way!”

All He wants is for us to trust Him and let Him do what He does.  Let Him take care of us and take care of the world.  Learn to Let go and Let God.  He can and He will move mountains for you if you let Him and trust the process He chooses to do it in.

Take Courage

Mark 6:50 They were terrified when they saw Him.  But Jesus spoke to them at once.  “Don’t be afraid,” He said, “Take courage! I am here!”

There are so many things in this world we fear but shouldn’t.  Jesus walked on water.  He now walks on the clouds.  For us.  For YOU!

He is here with us all the time so do not be afraid.  Take courage! He is here!

Even when you feel like you can’t catch a break and your world is falling apart.  Take courage! He is there!

Walking with you.  Keeping you above the water before you completely drown.  You are being strengthened.  You faith strengthened

Take courage!  He is there!

Lord,  Help us to feel your presence today.  Help us to have a peaceful calm day and to Take courage because you are here.  AMEN