He DIED for me!

I have sat here all week thinking about the mess I have gotten myself into.  Dwelling on my troubles, not asking “why me?” but asking “how stuped can I be for letting it get this far?”  Then this morning I wake up and I realize this is the Lord’s Holy Week and my troubles are first of all nothing compared to what the Lord endured this week two thousand years ago.  He walked into Jeruselum, a humble servent and showed the world and future generations exactly what it means to be strong when you are weak.  He showed us how to live in God’s power.

This is how I see that week playing out in my head.  Palm Sunday, the people are excited and they see Jesus as this great mighty warrior who is there to save Israel.  They give Him a huge welcome with Palms on the ground and fanning Him in the air.  Praising Him as their king.  Hosana, Hosana they cried out.  Oblivious to what was about to occur.

As the week progressed instead of seeing the mighty warrior they imagined they see someone who washes people feet and serves others as what they think only the weak would do.  They don’t see that the strongest are those that are humble and willing to serve.

Thursday comes and we are told that Jesus had His Last supper.  Durting this time He explained to His close disciples what was about to happen.  He spoke about Judahs betrayel, He spoke about Peters denial and He spoke about God raising Him from the dead. 

Later that night we are told that Jesus cries out to God, some see this as His first sign of weakness, I see it as a lesson we need to learn.  We need to do as Jesus did and cry out to God more and be willing to allow His will not our own.

Then the soldiers came.  They captured Jesus and put Him on trial.  They beat Him so horribly that He bleeds everywhere and swells up beyond comparison.  Then they nail Him to the cross between two people who don’t even deserve to be in His presence.  There He dies for our transgressions.  There is where He died becasue He loves this stupid idiot.  He dies for those of us far from worthy to be in His presence. 

There He dies because He is telling me I’m not a stupid idiot, I am just very lost right now and he is the light who came back for us just a few days later.  There He dies and then rises from the tomb to show all of us that we are worthy and we do deserve to be in His presence because His father loves us enough to send His ONLY son to die in our place. 

So no matter how bad I have messed up. No matter what I may lose becasue of it, I MUST hold on to the knowledge that HE died to be my light at the end of that dark tunnel.  And we all must remember this not only during this Holy week but every single day that we are blessed to live in His presence.


Lord, I am speechless now on what to say except THANK YOU for your son.  AMEN

Is He there?

Psalm 77:2 (ESV)  In the day of my trouble I seek the Lord; in the night my hand is stretched out without wearying; my soul refuses to be comforted.

      So many times I feel like David in the Psalm where his soul refuses to be comforted.  I ache to feel God and to have His arms around me but I don’t feel Him or His arms.  I can NOT allow this to waver my faith, though, because He is always there and always will be.  He has shown Himself more than I could even list in my past.  He was there even when I didn’t feel Him.  I know this because it all could have been so much worse.  So as Samuel was told by Eli in 1 Samuel 3:9 Therefore Eli said to Samuel, “Go, lie down, and if he calls you, you shall say, ‘Speak, Lord, for your servant hears.'” So Samuel went and lay down in his place.   I must just lay before Him and let Him Speak to me.  I must be still and He will soon comfort me.    

      Same with all of us.  We all need to just be still and listen for Him, or look around us and see Him.  See Him in movement of the trees, the weather (good or bad), or in my case the last ten days I have been looking at my new grandson and seeing Him.  He is everywhere and He is holding us even when we don’t feel comforted. 

     I pray right now that everyone holds on to the knowledge that you are there for them, Lord.  Even when they don’t feel your comfort let them hold on to you.  Help them to be still and to just listen for you.  Even in what we perceive as silence, Lord, could be you talking to us.  Give us peace and strength to make it through these horrible times in this world and help us to remember that soon we will be with you, Our King!  in your heavenly name I pray.  AMEN