Be open to anything

Matthew 3:4John’s clothes were made of camel’s hair, and he had a leather belt around his waist. His food was locusts and wild honey.


To me John the Baptist is a prime example that we should never judge a book by its cover.  Here he is probably dirty and sweaty, dressed poorly and eating insects and yelling out to people to repent.  Today one would look at him and stay as far away as possible thinking he is a lunatic.  Yet he had the most profound and most important message.  He was the deliverer of the good news that Christ was coming.  And many were drawn to him.

You see he had God in him.  It didn’t matter what he looked like or what he ate because God was using him to make a path for His Holy Son.  God tends to do things like that, I have noticed.  Throughout the Bible He uses the least likely characters to bring His story to us.  Moses stuttered and refused to speak in person but God used him to save His people from Egypt.  Esther was just a poor little jewish girl who God raised to be Queen and save her people in a time when women were just ornaments.  John, well we covered that above.  Paul was a persecutor of Christians but God brought him to his knees and made him to be one of His biggest speakers.

God did this with so many people throughout history.  He can do this with any one of us.  We just have to be open to what He wants to do with our lives and have faith that He can and will follow through with His promises.  We also need to not judge others around us as well.  We don’t know Gods plans for them and how He is using them as well.  From one homeless person to a rich person.  God uses us all.


Lord, Here we are on our knees with arms held high asking you to use us.  We surrender to you our everything.  There is nothing left for us except for you.  We leave it all behind just to be used by you, Lord.  Guide our steps, our words and our thoughts.  May we use them all for your glory.  In your heavenly name we pray AMEN


So I am sitting here reading Job and I come across this verse:

Job 39:4 Their young thrive and grow strong in the wilds; they leave and do not return.

God is talking to Job about what the wild do and He’s telling Job all about how they live, showing Job that all of this is because of His power.  I understand all of that BUT when I read it I get two pictures in my head.

Frist When I read it I see the young adults or the teenagers of our world who are ready to go off on their own and do their own thing.  No matter HOW we end up at that point we all end up there.  We all must leave our parents and do our own thing.  It’s called growing up.  Its part of life.  So we need to suck it up and move forward and do what we are made to do.

unfortunately too many of us want to blame someone else when things go wrong and whine and complain that we weren’t ready to leave or that our life and future sucks because of our parents.  We’ve become an ungrateful world and we need to stop and realize that no matter how much whining and complaining we do it’s not going to change things.  You want to change things?  Stop complaining and do for yourself.  Give your life over to the One who created us and then open your eyes to the fact that yes life is hard but it is also what we make of it.

You know for a long time I have blamed my mother for my emotional issues.  I felt that she didn’t love me enough (honestly in my words for a long time “not at all”) and that this was the reason that I was searching in all the wrong places for love (yes you can cue the song if you know it.  LOL)  I was soooo very wrong though.  My mom was a wonderful mom.  She may not have been the leave it beaver type of mom but she was the best mom that she could be.  I was a hard kid to raise and a girly girl.  She was a quiet tom boy that I am sure was so overwhelmed by all that was going on in her life while trying to raise this mouthy loud little girl.  Now I see that she did the best that she could with what she had.  I appreciate that more now then I have ever appreciated it.  unfortunately she has been gone for sixteen years so I don’t have the chance to hug her and thank her and tell her how much I appreciate her.  I have now stopped complaining about her though and I realize now that my life is what I make of it.

We also need to realize that we can’t expect someone else to thrive for us and grow strong for us.  We have responsibility in that as well.  We have to move past whatever obstacles we feel that we have in our way from our past or even current and we have to make due with the life we have and make it the best that we can.  If we feel we didn’t have the opportunity to thrive and grow strong before how about doing it now?  Then we can leave our past behind and we can move forward and never return back there.  This is the second thing that I see in my head when I read that verse.

So the next time you want to go blaming someone else for your problems really think about all of it.  Then ask yourself can I just move on?  Can I leave and never return?