Mark 14:47  Returning the third time, He said to thm, “Are you sill sleeping and resting?  Enough!  The hour has come.  Look, the Son of Man is delivered into the hands of sinners.”

We are human.

We are sinners.

We are lazy.

Just as his disciples did so do we fall asleep while waching for Him.  We are supposed to be standing for Him and what our Father made in this world, yet we have allowed a country that was started in His name go to crap.   We are supposed to be keeping a watch for His return yet we are walking around wondering why our lives are crap OR we are patting ourselves on our backs because all we have is because of us not Him.

We are supposed to be prepared to go with Him but we fall short.  We get so wrapped up in life that we can easily fall back into old habits and our Father and our Savior become second and put on a back burner.  We need to try harder and keep our eyes more open and focused on the Lord.

We need to figure out what kind of energy drink or pill we need to use in order to stay awake.  WAIT!!  That would be the word!  More of the word and less of the unhealthy yuck of this world is exactly what we need to stay awake and keep watch for the Lord.  Just remember though, DON’T GIVE UP!!  If you stumble pick yourself up, return to His feet asking forgiveness and work harder to stay awake.


Lord,  please forgive us for our sleeping, our luke warmness and how we have allowed things to go to crap in our world. Help us to survive the mess we made so that we can stay awake and prepared for your return.  AMEN

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