Be still Be loved

Luke 14:15-24 is the Parable of the Great Banquet. In it the man put on a great banquet and invited all the influential and his “friends” to come join him. When it was time they each had a different excuse on why they couldn’t be there. So he had his servants go out and invite anyone and everyone on the street to join them until his banquet hall was full and could hold no one else and even if those who made excuses wanted to change their minds and come after all they wouldn’t be able to get in.
At some point and time we could be those that made excuses on why we couldn’t sit at the Lord’s table and partake in His love and food for our soul every day. We all have excuses. We are too busy, we don’t have enough time to sit, we don’t have what we “need” to spend time with Him. We have allowed work, friends, even church events, the lack of pen and paper or a certain study or only 10 minutes of down time not being enough time to get between us and our Father. We don’t seem to want to get it through our thick skulls and hearts that He is in control and He is tired of seeing you too busy and making lame excuses. He doesn’t care about this or that bible study or church event if it means you aren’t spending time with Him. He could care less if you have the newest bible study to sit and read and spend time with Him. He sure as heck doesn’t care if you have a pen or paper. Lastly He doesn’t care if it is ten minutes or hours. HE JUST WANTS TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!! Nothing else matters to Him except for you and your soul and your time spent just sitting and listening to Him.
So stop being to busy for Him or snubbing Him. Stop putting everyone and everything else before Him. Pick up your cross and leave all else behind and just sit at His feet when He asks. Do so before it’s too late and there is no more room for you at His table.
Lord, we ask that you search us and bring to light what it is that is getting in the way of our relationship with you. We ask that you deliver us from ourselves, our bondage and this life that we have cluttered up with everything except for your presence. Please help quiet our souls and our lives so that we may hear, listen and hold on to every word that you have for us. May we take all of that and carry it out as your message to others who need to be still and be loved by you. AMEN