Sitting here reading or listening to people complain about “F*&^ my life” or “they are so mean” or “why can’t you just want what I want”  “why don’t you want me to be happy?”  etc etc etc.  So much complaining and so much relying on others for our happiness.   For one I am SO  SORRY if I sound like this.  I really am.  Yes we need to vent but we also need to draw the line and realize that WE are the only ones responsible for our happiness, how others treat us, and how our lives turn out.  AND YES I know what it is to be in all those shoes you are complaining about.  I have been homeless, with three toddlers no less.  I have been addicted to something I just thought I couldn’t live without.  No it wasn’t hardcore drugs but it was an addiction.  I have been and still am someone who people are mean to and use as a punching bag.  I am fighting MAJOR depression and anxiety DAILY.  So yes I know the struggles.  But I also know I am the only one responsible for me and my future.  Instead of saying “*^*^* my life I am choosing to grab ahold of it and make the best of everything around me.  If it pushes me down I push back and reach toward the Lord.  If someone is being mean to me either I kill them with kindness or I just walk away because I am refusing to be pushed around anymore.  If it is someone you can’t walk away from like a child or a parent then just take a little break until you and they can calm down and move on.  But YOU have the choice to take it or walk away.  If you feel someone doesn’t want what you want or doesn’t like who you like then sorry that isn’t a problem for anyone but YOU if it is upsetting you.   Cause guess what??  Nobody is obligated to want what you do or like who you like and they don’t have to so stop thinking they do!!!   Now get over yourself and your whining and pick yourself up and move on.  YOU chose whether or not YOU want to be happy.  NO one else does.  Take life into your own hands and give it to the Lord.  Go to counseling if you can take medication if you need to but it is ultimately YOUR responsibility not anyone else’s.  Also remember that God only gives us what we can handle and always remember that Philippians 4:13 screams out that the Lord is your strength.

Vacant? Empty? Lost? or FOUND?

Job 21 speaks of how the wicked are left alone to live their life in peace.  Job is upset because he feels like he devotes his whole life to the Lord and the Lord just took everything from him and there is the huge metaphorical storm going on in his life.  Yet there are those out there that he sees that are wicked and shaking their fists at God and nothing happens to them, it seems.

Like Job many of us wonder the same thing.   Even today.  We sit here in turmoil and storms all around us.  We feel like our world is falling apart and we don’t know what to do about it or how to handle it.  Then we look at others around us who don’t follow God and their lives seem perfect.  They are happy and at peace living as they want.

What we don’t seem to remember is that we were there at one point and time.  Our lives seemed perfect and carefree to others but the storms were still there.  We still had to deal with all the trouble.

The difference was we were also empty.  We felt a void and we didn’t know why.  There was a hole that none of our things, addictions or loves could fill.

Then we found the Lord.  He was there waiting for us.  His arms open wide.  There to handle storms and troubles along side us.  We just need to be open to Him.  We need to lean on Him and trust that although there are storms He will get us through them.

So we have to realize there is a choice.   How are we going to get through the storms of life?  Vacant…………..  Empty……… Lost…….?  Or teamed up with the Lord of Lords and peaceful knowledge that He is in control and this storm will NOT break us?


Lord, Thank you so much for being there with me through everything.  Even when I didn’t know or feel you there you held me up so that I did not fall.  You have never let me down even when it felt like you did.  You have always had my best interests in mind and you know my future.  Thank you for loving me that much and giving me your beautiful grace.  Amen.

Comfort from where??

I sat during my alone time with God mulling over Job 6 and thinking:  why do we expect others to be our comfort?  Why do we feel our hearts break every time our world comes crashing down around us and we turn to our friends only to find either they are not there and have pulled the disappearing act OR they are there but all they do is point a finger at how you should have done this or you should do that and how all of your problems are your fault.    Ever feel that way?

Now  I am not saying that we don’t need true and honest friends.  NO that is not it ALL!!!  We need to be honest with each other and hold each other accountable.  What I am saying is that there is a time when we just need comfort and someone to listen and hold us when we are down.  Not finger pointing.  I am also saying we need to stop relying fully on each other for this because we are all flawed and the only one to give us true and complete answers is God.

We need to start leaning more on God more and people less.  2 Samuel 22:2 says “The Lord is my Rock and my Fort.  He is the one who saves me.”  Several other verses clearly call the Lord our Rock as well:  (Psalm 18:2, 92:15, 144:1; 2 Samuel 22:47)

To me when I picture the Rock/my Lord I see something rather large (and no I do not mean Dwayne Johnson………)  I see something that gives me shade when the heat from this world is too much.  I see something that I can hide behind when I feel the enemy attacking me.  I see a giant rock that is perfectly capable of holding up my 200+ pounds and ALL the baggage that I have.

So why can’t I learn to lean on Him?  Why do I not learn to do as Matthew 7:24-27 says to do and build my faith and foundation on the one who NEVER moves and who is a strong tower.

Yes He will reprimand you if you do wrong and maybe that is why your world is crumbling around you BUT if you stand firm in your faith.  If you rely solely on the Lord and not friends and if you just cry out and trust Him………….  He will save you.  He has a purpose for your life, so stop fighting Him and lean on the one and ONLY rock.

Remember Matthew 28:20  I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

He will never go away and will always be beside you.


Lord, Thank you for being our comforter, our Rock and our great provider.  Thank you for always being with us to the end of age.  May we learn to completely surrender to you and feel your presence in everything we do.  AMEN