We are all tempted by something every day.  For many of us if we really take a long look will realize that we are tempted by our emotions.  Our emotions run our life by tempting us to do things our of want rather than need or what is right.

The emotion of love leads us to doing things that we shouldn’t.  We drink to much because that’s what they do.  We have sex out of wedlock because that’s what they want.  For our children we overspend and hurt ourselves so we don’t hurt them because we love them.  We do so many things that God wouldn’t want us to just because we want them to love us as we “love” them.

The emotion of anger leads us to be hateful rather than love like Jesus does.  We lash out.  We gossip.  We degrade.  So many hateful things when we are angry.

The emotion of sadness makes us pull in rather than reaching out to those God put in our lives.  Or it makes us reach out to the wrong people just so that we can try an not feel sad anymore.  Sometimes it even takes a life breaking the commandment of thou shalt not kill.

Emotions can be good to though.  Jesus loved.  He said one of the greatest commandments was to love thy neighbor (Mark 12:31)  Jesus was angry.  He turned over tables in the tabernacle in anger(Mark 11:15).  Jesus was sad.  He wept and asked God to take away what he was about to do (Mark 14:36)

We need to be careful how we use them and not fall into the temptation of them running our lives.  We must learn to pray about what to walk away from that triggers us to feel the ugly parts of the emotion.  We also must learn to pray for those who have wronged us rather than against them.

Most of all we must leave it all to God and remind ourselves that He is in control NOT our emotions.


Lord, help us to learn the good and the bad of our emotions.  Help us to learn what triggers the ugly and to stay away from it.  May we constantly stand in your light and your love so as to not be tempted by the darkness.  Amen.