So today I am feeling very blah, very depressed and very very unsure of my future. I am annoyed and over peoples narcissistic behavior, their rushing me to get something done just so I am ignored and waiting for two weeks or more to get back to me on what they rushed me to do. I am depressed because I hate moving but will have to because I allowed my health to get out of control and fight to get upstairs to my apartment and I have neighbors who one little creak from a falling down around us floor and they are complaining that I am obnoxiously loud and now there are other things coming in the next several months that have me questioning if I should move into another place here in Bakersfield or if I should just leave this town and this state behind me. All VERY depressing things to think about.
Well as you can tell I did not sit down and have my time at Daddy Gods feet today. So I took my lunch and planted myself right in front of Him. And this is what He told me that helps me and could help someone else.
First of all He is our strength and our power. Psalm 75:3 states “When the earth quakes and its people live in turmoil, I am the one who keeps its foundations firm”. We (I) need to remember no matter what we are going through God’s foundation is under us and as long as we are holding strong to it and allowing Him in our lives more than just flippantly it will stay firm. And if it is staying firm than we are firm and nothing can knock us down.
Second of all just as God was able in Acts 11 to allow Peter to walk out of a prison where he was chained and guarded by two guards at his side and fourteen other guards surrounding them and the gates to the prison, God can and he will get us through anything we face.
So how will we live our lives every day? Will we be the lukewarm Christian that the Lord is going to spit out according to Revelation 3:16? Or will we be like Peter realizing that we screwed up by denying the Lord before and rededicating and giving our all to the Lord so that even through the storms and through the persecution we can just walk through and away from the chains and the prison the enemy has tried to keep us in.
Lord, I am asking you to help me remember you are my strength. You are my breath and my everything. Nobody can come against me. Though my life is uncertain and those around me betray me I still have you and all that you have promised me. Help me to see this more. Help me to stop feeling depressed and sorry for myself and start seeing all that you have to offer for my future. Speak to me and show me every minute the beauty of the steps that I must take. Even the beauty of the dark steps because those are the ones that strengthen me. Keep me safe in your arms and let me love you until the end of time. AMEN