Death then Life

‘When he died, he died once to break the power of sin. But now that he lives, he lives for the glory of God. ‘ Romans 6:10 

Romans 5:12-20 shows the contrasts between Adam and Jesus.  Adam was one man directly from God and he sinned therefore bringing sin upon the rest of us.  Jesus was one man directly from God who never sinned, died then lived, killing sin for all who would have faith in Him.  In Romans 6 it goes on to tell of how he broke that sin.  He brought regeneration upon those who would follow Him.

Think about a starfish.  A starfish is an invertebrate with disc like center and five or more arms.  One of the amazing things about a starfish is that if it looses one of those arms it can grow it back.  It can heal itself.  Just as we can heal our selves spiritually by accepting Jesus as our savior and knowing that he died to break the chains of sin and then came back to live to regenerate our souls.  Our souls were lost to us but He can give them back.

As harsh as God seems through out the bible He really does love man kind.  He, as any parent does, only wanted what was best for His children.  Does that mean He had to punish them?  Yes.  Did He have to turn away from them?  Yes for a bit.

All things we as parents hate to do BUT once that child has learned and has repented and truly changed their ways God turned back to them.  He gave them the greatest gift that could ever be given.  A new chance.  A fresh start.  Our old selves dead and to be reborn.  He gave us this the same way we lost ourselves to sin.  Through One man straight from Him.  Jesus.

So if you don’t know Jesus I ask you to please learn about him.  Learn about this man who lived on this earth for 33 years without sinning, went above and beyond to help all of our poor souls while he was alive and saving us by putting to death out sins, then rising again like a phoenix out of the ashes to make us new again.  He will love you and care for you like no other ever could.

Lord,  I pray that all that are out there learn of his amazing love and all that he has done for us so that we can live a free life.  Free of the chains that bind us to this world.  Free of the lies the enemy tries to drown us in.  You bring healing to our souls and our lives and for this we praise you with everything in us.  Amen

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